To compliment our services in heating and plumbing, our team also provide complete electrical services for both domestic and commercial customers. We specialise in many areas, some of which are listed below:

 Fault Finding – Lights not working or flickering? Circuits keep tripping? Whatever the problem, our fully qualified team can find the fault in no time. Once we have the problem identified we can advise the best solutions available, including repair or replacement.

 Re-wiring – Our team have completed many full and part rewires for small and large-scale properties. Not sure if your home or building needs a full rewire? We can assess the current system you have and advise on the best course of action. We don’t just look at your usage now, we look to futureproof your home or workplace, so all your electrical needs are met in the future too.

 Additional/USB Sockets – Forever trying to find a free plug socket? Many of our homes were built before laptops, mobiles, multiple TV ownership and kitchen gadgets galore! Having more sockets installed can be much simpler than you would think. It can also remove the risk of trailing wires from extension leads or overloading existing sockets. We can also install USB sockets.

 Fuse Box Upgrade – Does your fuse box look like something out of the dark ages? All fuse boxes have a certain lifespan and are the main reason for electric tripping or overloading. Electrical use has soared in the last 50 years and many fuse boxes are out of date. Our team can see if your fuse box needs replacing or upgrading. Contact us for a free quote.

 Internal and External Lighting – Options for internal and external lighting are endless. From mood lighting, security lamps, ceiling/wall lights, automatic units, recessed or LED - the list goes on. We can advise what would work best, and install with the minimum disruption. So, let’s light up your property and make your house a home.

 Electrical Appliances and PAT Testing – Some appliances, such as cookers, need special electrical sockets and isolator switches which we can install for you. We can also provide PAT testing of appliances at your place of work. PAT testing is a legal requirement for commercial business - so whether it’s the well-used office kettle or the photocopier, we can certify its safe use.

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