Air conditioning in the UK, for many years, has been the domain of shared offices and work spaces but now there is an ever-increasing demand for air conditioning in homes too. Enertech Solutions can install, maintain or repair many kinds of air conditioning systems in both domestic and commercial properties.

There are many benefits to air conditioning and today's systems have vastly reduced and even eliminated the dry air we used to have by using these kinds of units. In fact, air quality can be greatly improved by using air conditioning in homes and the work place by reducing pollens and allergens in the air, therefore helping hay fever sufferers. Windows in noisy locations can be kept closed and the temperature can still be comfortable inside, which also reduces pollution in the close environment too.

Our team can provide a quote for air conditioning installation, from one unit to multiple rooms and levels, for a variety of uses. Thinking of having air conditioning but not sure just yet? Get in touch - we would be happy to advise, let you know the main facts and leave you to decide.

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